Sec. 9-3.704.  Expiration and extension of tentative map approvals.
   (a)   Expiration.  The approval or conditional approval of a tentative map shall expire thirty-six (36) months from the following date: in the event no appeal was taken, or if the subdivider appealed, from the date of Planning Commission approval; in the case of appeals by other persons, from the date of the decision on appeal.  Failure to submit to the City all items needed to file a final map or parcel map with the County Recorder within such period shall terminate all proceedings, and any subdivision of the same land shall require the filing and processing of a new map using a new tentative tract number issued in accordance with the provisions of Section 9-3.503 of Article 5 of this chapter.  The subdivider shall be responsible for keeping a record as to when a map will expire.
   (b)   Extensions.  The City or the applicant filing the tentative map may request an extension of the tentative map approval or conditional approval by filing a minor modification application prior to the expiration date with the Community Development Director.  The applicant shall state the reasons for requesting the extension. A maximum of two (2) discretionary time extensions, not to exceed a cumulative length of forty-eight (48) months, except where otherwise required by the Subdivision Map Act, may be approved by the Community Development Director. The applicant or any aggrieved party may appeal the decision of the Director to the Planning Commission within fifteen (15) days after the decision of the Director.
   (c)   Time limits for extensions.  Any extension of a tentative map approval or conditional approval shall not exceed the time limits provided in the Subdivision Map Act (Section 66452.6 of the Government Code of the State).
   (d)   Effect of map modifications on extensions.  The modification of a tentative map after approval or conditional approval shall not extend the time limits imposed by this section, unless expressly indicated in the modification.
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