Sec. 9-3.604.  Street rights-of-way.
   The street layout of a proposed subdivision shall be consistent with all street right-of-way designations shown on the Circulation Element of the General Plan of the City or applicable Specific Plans at the time the tentative map is approved.  The street layout and widths of rights-of-way shall also comply with the requirements of the City of Thousand Oaks Improvement Standards and Specifications.  The requirements of this section affecting road alignments may be waived or modified if the Planning Commission finds, after making an appropriate study and investigation of the physical features of the area and the general alignment of the existing roadway, and considering such other engineering information as may be available, that the street rights-of-way shown on the Circulation Element or applicable Specific Plans for the area of the subdivision would not follow the existing right-of-way center line and would follow an alignment other than the existing alignment.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)