Sec. 9-3.603.  Size requirements.
   (a)   All proposed lots or parcels shall have not less than the minimum width and length required by the zoning regulations as specified in Chapter 4 of this title.  All proposed lots or parcels of less than ten (10) acres gross shall also have not less than the minimum net area required by said zoning regulations.  Each lot or parcel shall have a conforming width at the front yard setback or building line required by the applicable zone classification.  The average lot depth shall not be greater than three (3) times the lot width at the setback or building line, unless the Planning Commission determines that topographic features in the area justify a greater average depth.
   (b)   Whenever a division of land results in a lot or parcel for which the only means of access is by way of an easement or the staff on a flag lot, the easement or staff shall be considered as a public road or street for the purposes of determining the size of the lot.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)