Sec. 9-3.510.  Acceptance of maps.
   When the required number of copies of a tentative map and accompanying reports have been received by the Community Development Department, the tentative map shall be examined by the Community Development Department staff in light of the requirements of the City of Thousand Oaks Improvement Standards and Specifications and of this Code to determine whether or not the tentative map contains all of the required information and is acceptable for filing.  The date upon which it is found to be acceptable shall be placed on the tentative map and considered to be the filing date.  Whenever a tentative map is found not to be acceptable for filing, the person submitting the map shall be notified of the reasons therefor.  When the required number of copies of the tentative map have been accepted for filing by the Community Development Department, copies shall be forwarded for review by other agencies pursuant to the provisions of Sections 66453, et seq, of the Subdivision Map Act.  Nothing set forth in this section shall be construed to contradict or constrict the provisions of Section 9-3.501 of this article concerning preliminary maps.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)