Sec. 9-3.303.  Exemptions.
   This chapter shall not be applicable to:
   (a)    The financing or leasing of apartments, offices, stores, or similar spaces within apartment buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, mobile home parks, or trailer parks;
   (b)   Mineral, oil, or gas leases;
   (c)   Leases of land for agricultural purposes (cultivation of food or fiber or the grazing or pasturing of livestock);
   (d)   Land dedicated for cemetery purposes under the provisions of the Health and Safety Code of the State;
   (e)   Short-term leases (terminable by either party on not more than thirty (30) days’ written notice) of a portion of the operating right-of-way of a railroad corporation, as defined by Section 230 of the Public Utilities Code, unless a showing is made in individual cases, under substantial evidence, that public policy necessitates a map. In such a case, a parcel map shall be required pursuant to the requirements of this Code;
   (f)   Lot line adjustments between two (2) or more adjacent parcels where no additional parcels or building sites are created, the potential density of development is not increased on any of the new parcels, no potential to further divide any of the new parcels is created, the ingress and egress to the new parcels does not create circulation problems on the parcels or to the surrounding areas, and no violation of any provision of this Code will result; provided, however, any such lot line adjustment shall be approved or conditionally approved by the issuance of a certificate which shall be recorded pursuant to the procedures set forth in subsection (b) of Section 9-3.702 of Article 7 of this chapter; and
   (g)   Any other exemption provided by the Subdivision Map Act.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)