Sec. 9-3.302.  Subdivisions creating four or less lots or parcels: Waivers.
   A City approved tentative map and a final parcel map shall be required for all subdivisions creating four (4) or less lots or parcels, or four (4) or less condominiums (townhouses) or stock cooperative apartment units, and for community apartment projects containing four (4) or less parcels, except when the subdivision:
   (a)   Contains only parcels of not less than forty (40) acres or which are not less than a quarter of a quarter section; or
   (b)   Is for land conveyed to or from a governmental agency, public entity or public utility, or to a subsidiary of a public utility for conveyance to such public utility for rights-of-way, unless it is determined, upon substantial evidence, that public policy necessitates a tentative map and parcel map.
   A parcel map required by this chapter may be waived, pursuant to the procedures set forth in subsection (b) of Section 9-3.702 of Article 7 of this chapter, by the Community Development Director upon a finding that the proposed division complies with all requirements as to area, improvements and design, floodwater drainage control, appropriate improved public roads, wastewater facilities, water supply availability, environmental protection, and other requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and this Code.  The Community Development Director, in his discretion, may require the filing of a tentative map as a condition of waiver under this section.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)