Sec. 8-15.01. Purpose.
   Pursuant to the provisions of Part 5.5 of the State Health and Safety Code, (Section 19955, et seq.), it is the intent of the City Council to insure that all public accommodations or facilities constructed in the City with private funds, shall be accessible to, and usable by, the disabled and, therefore, there is hereby established a physically handicapped access appeals board herein referred to as “Disabled Access Appeals and Advisory Board.” It is further the intent of the Council that in cases of practical difficulty or extreme differences, exceptions may be granted from the literal requirements of the standards and specifications required by Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, state statutes or local law, or to authorize the use of other methods or materials, but only when the work involves specified small jobs, or it is clearly evident that equivalent facilitation and protection are thereby secured.
   It is further the intent of the Council to obtain full compliance with disabled accessibility requirements in all publicly funded buildings.
(§ 1, Ord. 1037-NS, eff. July 25, 1989, as amended by § 3, Ord. 1173-NS, eff. March 2, 1993, and § 2, Ord. 1294-NS, eff. October 2, 1997)