Sec. 8-2.02. Definitions.
   For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
   (a)   Floor space. “Floor space” means “floor area” as the latter term is defined in Section 407 of the Uniform Building Code.
   (b)   Mobile home. “Mobile home” means a structure transportable in one or more sections, designed to be used as a dwelling unit. This definition does not include recreational vehicles, commercial coaches, or factory-built modular housing.
   (c)   Multiple-family unit. A “multiple-family unit” is located in a building designed for occupancy by two or more families. This definition includes duplexes (which do not meet the criteria for a single-family unit as defined below), condominiums for which ownership only applies to air space occupied by the unit, and apartments in which units are not individually owned and utility services are shared.
   (d)   New construction. “New construction,” when applied to construction of residential buildings or the installation of mobile homes, means the construction or installation which increases the number of dwelling units on a given lot. “New construction,” when applied to the construction or
installation of nonresidential buildings, means construction or installation which increases the amount of floor space for nonresidential building purposes on a given lot.
   (e)   Single-family residence. “Single-family residence” is a unit designed for the occupancy of one family. This definition includes both single-family detached and single-family attached units when the attached unit is subject to separate ownership and entitlement to the land on which the unit sits, the utility services are independent for that unit, and each unit is separated from the other dwelling units either by open space or a vertical wall extending from the ground to the roof.
(§ 2, Ord. 852-NS, eff. February 14, 1984)