Development of community solar gardens is permitted by special use in all zoning districts subject to the following requirements:
   (A)   Rooftop gardens permitted. Rooftop gardens are permitted in all zoning districts where buildings are permitted.
   (B)   Ground mount gardens. Ground mount community solar energy systems must be less than five acres in total size and require a special use in all districts. Ground-mount solar developments covering more than five acres shall be considered a solar farm.
   (C)   Interconnection. An interconnection agreement must be completed with the electric utility in whose service the territory the system is located.
   (D)   Dimensional standards. All solar garden related structures in newly platted and existing platted subdivisions shall comply with the principal structure setback, height and coverage limitations for the district in which the system is located.
   (E)   Aviation protection. For solar units located within 500 feet of an airport or within approach zones of an airport, the applicant shall complete and provide the results of the solar glaze hazard analysis tool (SGHAT) for the airport traffic control tower cab and final approach paths, consistent with the Interim Policy, FAA Review of Solar Energy Projects on Federal Obligated Airports, or most recent version adopted by the FAA.
   (F)   Other standards.
      (1)   Ground mount systems shall comply with all required standards for structures in the district in which the system is located.
      (2)   All solar gardens shall comply with the County Building and Maintenance Code.
      (3)   All solar gardens shall comply with §§ 157.435 through 157.447.
      (4)   All solar gardens shall also comply with all other state and local requirements.
      (5)   All community solar gardens shall also comply with the application submittal detailed in § 156.06(B).
(Ord. LU-17-03, passed 5-31-2017; Res. LU-18-17, passed 10-31-2018) Penalty, see § 156.99