Nobody other than officers and employees of the city shall cause, promote, permit, allow, aid, assist, encourage or engage in any of the following activities or occurrences within Pride Park, which is located at 5614 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill, KY.
   (A)   The presence of anybody within the boundaries of the park anytime after dusk and before dawn, without special authorization from the city commission.
   (B)   The discharge of a firearm by anybody other than in the defense of person or property, or by members of the Taylor Police Department or any other peace officer.
   (C)   The discharge or display of any fireworks without both a state permit and specific authorization from the commission therefore.
   (D)   The operation of any vehicle at a speed in excess of 15 mph.
   (E)   Any animal in the park;
      (1)   Which isn't leashed or otherwise controlled by the owner or custodian thereof;
      (2)   Which constitutes a physical threat to human beings or other animals by its demeanor or actions;
      (3)   Any animal that constitutes a nuisance by odor, noise, or any other means.
   (F)   The operation of any motor vehicle anywhere other than the paved roadway (excluding all walking/hiking trails) and parking lot.
   (G)   Swimming or wading in any pond or other impoundment of water.
   (H)   Open fires without both a written permit therefore from the Chief of the Taylor Mill Fire Department and specific approval from the city commission.
   (I)   Hunting, trapping or in anyway injuring or molesting any animal within the park.
   (J)   Servicing or repairing any vehicle or other equipment.
   (K)   Skateboarding, roller-skating, roller-blading, etc. in any area of the park.
   (L)   Bicycling in any area other than the paved parking lot and the paved roadway, (excluding all walking/hiking trails).
   (M)   Any activity that disturbs or interferes with anybody else using the park or any property adjacent thereto.
   (N)   The employment, use or any other activation or operation of any music instrument without specific authorization therefore from the city commission.
   (O)   The display of anything for sale or trade without specific authorization therefore from the city commission.
   (P)   The display, location, placement, posting or distribution of any sign, advertisement, circular notice, statement, banner, emblem or design.
   (Q)   The possession of any alcoholic beverages.
(Ord. 161(9-13-00), passed 9-13-00; Am Ord. 3016(12-14-16), passed 12-14-16)