(A)   Within any Floodway Area/District, manufactured homes shall be prohibited.
   (B)   Where permitted within any identified floodplain area, all manufactured homes, and any improvements thereto, shall be:
      (1)   Placed on a permanent foundation;
      (2)   Elevated so that the lowest floor of the manufactured home is at least one and one- half feet above base flood elevation;
      (3)   Anchored to resist flotation, collapse or lateral movement; and
      (4)   Have all ductwork and utilities including HVAC/heat pump elevated to the regulatory flood elevation.
   (C)   Installation of manufactured homes shall be done in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation instructions as provided by the manufacturer. Where the applicant cannot provide the above information, the requirements of Appendix E of the 2009 International Residential Building Code or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Housing, 1984 Edition, draft or latest revision thereto and 34 Pa. Code Chapters 401 through 405 shall apply.
   (D)   Consideration shall be given to the installation requirements of the 2009 IBC and the 2009 IRC, or the most recent revisions thereto, and 34 Pa. Code, as amended where appropriate and/or applicable to units where the manufacturers’ standards for anchoring cannot be provided or were not established for the proposed unit(s) installation.
(Ord. 262-2014, passed 3-10-2014) Penalty, see § 152.999