Should the nuisance not be abated at the expiration of the time stated in the notice or order of the Enforcement Officer or any extensions granted or such additional time as the Property Maintenance Board may grant, the Enforcement Officer is authorized to obtain a warrant from a court of competent jurisdiction to permit entry to take such action as deemed appropriate to abate the nuisance, in addition to any remedies provided elsewhere in this Property Maintenance Code. In abating such nuisance, the Enforcement Officer may call on any department of the City for any assistance necessary to abate the nuisance or may, by contract, abate such nuisance and the cost of the contract will be paid for from City funds. All costs incurred to abate a nuisance shall be recovered in the following manner:
   (a)   The owner(s) shall be billed directly by certified mail deposited with the United States Post Office. In the event the certified envelope is returned with endorsement showing that the envelope is unclaimed, then service shall be sent by ordinary mail and the mailing shall be evidenced by a certificate of mailing which shall be filed by the Enforcement Officer.
   (b)   If the costs are not so recovered within thirty days of receipt of the mailing described in division (a) of this section, the City may collect the cost in accordance with the applicable provision of the Ohio Revised Code or as otherwise provided by law.
      (Ord. 24-2006. Passed 3-23-06.)