(a)   Fire Alarm System. A functionally related group of devices that when either automatically or manually activated will sound an audio or visual device on or off the protected premises.
   (b)   Sleeping Area. The area or areas of the family unit in which the bedrooms or sleeping rooms are located where bedrooms or rooms ordinarily used for sleeping are separated by other use areas, such as kitchens or living rooms, but not bathrooms or closets, they shall be considered as separate sleeping areas for the purpose of this chapter and shall require protection.
   (c)   Smoke Detector. A single station device capable of sensing visible or invisible particles of combustion and providing a suitable audible alarm thereof within the area to be protected and certified as having met Underwriter's Laboratories Standards No. 217 for single and multiple station smoke detectors.
(Ord. 12-1992. Passed 3-26-92.)