A Charter Review Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor with approval of City Council in November 2020.  The Charter Review Commission shall consist of eleven qualified electors of the City who shall neither hold nor be a candidate for the position of Council member.
   All meetings of the Charter Review Commission shall be public.  Such Commission shall select its own Chairman and Secretary and shall adopt its own rules for the conduct of its business.  The members of the Commission, unless otherwise provided by Council, shall serve without compensation and the term of the Commission shall end on the day of the next general election.
   Such Commission shall recommend to the Council, not less than one hundred twenty days prior to the next regular general election, any revisions and amendments to this Charter as in its judgment seem advisable.
   All Charter amendments shall become effective on January 1 of the year following their adoption, unless otherwise specified in the amendment.
   Council shall provide for all necessary expenses of the Commission.
(Amended 11-5-02; 11-8-11)