A. Composition
   The Board of Control shall consist of the Mayor, Director of Public Service, Director of Law, Director of Finance, and President of Council or a member of Council designated by the President, or their respective representatives. The Mayor shall serve as the chair of the Board of Control. The Board shall keep a record of its proceedings. All votes shall be by yeas and nays and entered on the record and the vote of a majority of the members of the Board shall be necessary to adopt any question, motion or order.
B. Competitive Bidding
   The City of Tallmadge shall be required to bid all contracts or receive Council approval for expenditures in accordance with the General Law. Council may, by ordinance, authorize the advertisement, bid and award of a single, aggregate contract to one general contractor for an entire public improvement project without entering into contracts for each separate trade or branch or class of work to be performed. (Amended 11-5-02; 11-8-11)
C. Approval of Contracts
   All contracts in excess of the amount provided under general law must have the approval of the Board of Control prior to being awarded by any elected or appointed official of the City. Council may, by ordinance, increase the threshold required for Board of Control approval. (Amended 11-8-11)