The Director of Finance shall be the head of the Department of Finance and shall have responsibility for the administration of the fiscal affairs of the City, including but not limited to appropriations, matters relating to debt, and  internal control systems. The duties shall include the preparation of data for the annual estimate, management of all public funds of the City, and the keeping and supervising of all accounts. The Director of Finance shall disburse said funds only as authorized by law or ordinance. The Director of Finance shall prepare financial statements at least quarterly and submit the same to the Council, detailed as to appropriations and funds in such manner as to show the true financial condition of the City and each department and division thereof as of the last day of the accounting period.
   The Director of Finance shall be the custodian of all moneys of the City and shall keep the moneys in such manner and in such institutions as determined by the Council as frequently as permitted by general law.  The Director of Finance shall serve as Tax Administrator and as such shall be responsible for the enforcement and collection of the City income tax.
   The Director of Finance shall furnish such other financial reports, data and statements as shall be required by the Mayor or the Council and by general law. The Director of Finance may appoint assistants as such positions are created by Council.
(Amended 11-8-11)