Anti-Litter Law
503.01   Title.
503.02   Definitions.
503.03   Litter in public places.
503.04   Placement of litter in receptacles.
503.05   Sweeping litter into gutters prohibited.
503.06   Merchants' duty to keep sidewalks free of litter.
503.07   Litter thrown by persons in  vehicles.
503.08   Truck loads causing litter.
503.09   Litter in parks.
503.10   Litter in lakes and fountains.
503.11   Throwing or distributing commercial handbills in public places.
503.12   Placing commercial and non-commercial handbills on vehicles.
503.13   Depositing commercial and non-commercial handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises.
503.14   Prohibiting distribution of handbills where properly posted.
503.15   Distributing commercial and non-commercial handbills at inhabited private premises.
503.16   Dropping litter from aircraft.
503.17   Posting notices prohibited.
503.18   Litter on occupied private property.
503.181   Depositing litter into receptacle of another.
503.19   Owner to maintain premises free of litter.
503.20   Litter on vacant lots.
503.21   Clearing of litter from open private property by City.
503.22   Separability.
503.99   Penalty.
         Removal of litter - see Ohio R.C. 731.51
         Vehicles dropping material - see TRAF. 339.08, 339.09