(A)   The County Sheriff’s Department is hereby authorized to charge the sum of $50 per calendar year for the registration of sex or violent offenders and $5 for each time a sex or violent offender registers an address change with the County Sheriff’s Department.
   (B)   The registration fee is due on a calendar-year basis. Regardless of when the offender registers initially with the County Sheriff’s Department, the registration fee for the first calendar year is $50. For each subsequent year, the registration fee shall be paid between January 1 and January 31 of that calendar year. A fee is delinquent if not paid by January 31 of each subsequent calendar year.
   (C)   The county now establishes a County Sex and Violent Offender Administration Fund in the office of the County Auditor and the County Sheriff’s Department shall deposit all funds collected for sex or violent offender registration fees and address change fees for sex or violent offenders into this account. The County Auditor shall monthly transfer 10% of any fees colleted to the State Treasurer for deposit in the State Sex and Violent Offender Administration Fund, I.C. 11-8-8-21.
   (D)   The County Council may appropriate money from the County Sex and Violent Offender Administration Fund. The Sheriff may request money from the account to defray the expense of administrating or ensuring compliance with the laws concerning the State Sex and Violent Offender Registry.
   (E)   This section shall be in full force and effective immediately.
(Ord. 06-21-10-1, passed 7-14-2010; Council Ord. 06-21-10-1, passed 7-14-2010)