General Provisions
   35.01   Purpose
   35.02   Definitions
   35.03   Scope
   35.04   Limitations
County Advisory Council; County Emergency Management Director;
Department of Emergency Management, and the Like
   35.15   County Emergency Management Advisory Council
   35.16   Director of Emergency Management
   35.17   Department of Emergency Management
   35.18   Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
   35.19   Jurisdiction
   35.20   Test of the Comprehensive Management Plan
   35.21   County Board of Commissioners powers and duties
Principle Executive Officers, Board of Commissioners, and the Like
   35.35   Applicability of subchapter
   35.36   Principal executive officer; powers and duties; special emergency powers
   35.37   County Board of Commissioners; special emergency meetings; powers and duties
   35.38   Officers and employees of incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county
   35.39   Noncompliance with emergency orders, rules, and regulations; obstruction or impersonation of emergency management authorities
   35.40   Limitation of liability during disaster emergency, emergency, or emergency management tests
   35.41   Compensation for property commandeered or used during disaster emergency
   35.99   Penalty