The following county credit card policy terms and conditions are adopted December 29, 2008; and shall supersede and repeal existing oral or written credit card policies; and shall be in full force and effect upon adoption.
   (A)   The County Auditor, or designated elected official/department head, shall be the designated official responsible for the use and issuance of county credit cards. Account numbers and other information of county-owned credit cards will be maintained in the Auditor’s office. The Auditor’s office shall maintain an accounting system or log, which will include the names of individuals requesting usage of county credit cards, their position, estimated amounts to be charged, fund, and account numbers to be charged, and the card is issued and returned.
   (B)   County employees may request the use of a county credit card for travel-related expenses associated with attending conferences, workshops, business meetings, or other work-related expenses. All requests, including name, position, and stated amount(s) to be charged, must be in writing and submitted to the County Auditor. County credit cards are for business use only, and shall not be used for personal purchases. Other examples of specifically prohibited uses include the purchase of alcohol and/or movies and entertainment.
   (C)   County employees who are issued a county credit card shall only use such card as approved by the County Auditor. When the purpose for which the credit card has been issued has been accomplished, the card and all supporting documents (i.e., receipts) shall be submitted to the custody of the Auditor’s office.
   (D)   Payment of county credit cards should not be made on the basis of a statement or a credit card slip only. Credit card payments must be made through the statutory claims process. If interest or penalty is incurred due to late filing or furnishing of documentation by an officer or employee, such interest or penalty shall be the responsibility of that officer or employee.
   (E)   County-issued credit cards are the property of the county and employees are required to return such cards and all supporting documents upon request. If a card is lost or stolen, the employee should report the missing card immediately to the Auditor’s office.
   (F)   County employees violating this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
(Ord. 2008-01-05-09-1, passed 12-29-2008)