(A)   The state sales disclosure form (SCSDF), properly completed, shall be filed with the County Assessor for the following transactions:
      (1)   Quit claim deeds, even if not serving as a source of title;
      (2)   A transfer for no consideration or a gift;
      (3)   A document recorded to correct a prior recorded document; and
      (4)   A transfer of real estate based upon the filing of an affidavit.
   (B)   A fee of $5 shall be paid to the County Auditor when the SCSDF is filed for the purposes listed under division (A) above. The fee shall be deposited into the County General Fund.
   (C)   The SCSDF required by this section shall be retained by the County Auditor and need not be submitted to the state.
   (D)   This section be in full force and effect upon passage.
(Ord. 05-04-2015, passed 5-4-2015)