§ 151.999 PENALTY.
   (A)   (1)   Violation of this chapter is a misdemeanor as provided by G.S. § 14-4 and may be punished as provided therein.
      (2)   Civil penalties may be imposed in accordance with the following procedure:
         (a)   Initial notification of violation, in writing by first class main return receipt, to last known address of the person to be notified;
         (b)   If not corrected within ten days, a warning citation shall be issued;
         (c)   If not corrected within seven days of issuance of a warning citation, a second citation including a fine of $50 shall be issued; and
         (d)   Each day the violation continues shall constitute a separate violation of this chapter.
   (B)   Notification of violation shall:
      (1)   Be issued by the Tax Administrator or his or her designee;
      (2)   Be in writing, first class mail notice directed to the name and address of the owner of the property; and
      (3)   Must set forth the action necessary for the offender to be in compliance with this chapter.
   (C)   Violation of § 151.008 of this chapter shall be punishable by maximum fines of up to $50 for each violation.
   (D)   Nothing herein contained shall prevent the County of Surry from taking other such lawful actions as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2004)