The Tax Department Addressing Committee shall be responsible for the administration of this chapter, including, but not limited to:
   (A)   Developing general policies and procedures;
   (B)   Giving technical assistance;
   (C)   Preparing a progress report for the Surry County Board Commissioners;
   (D)   Maintaining addressing standards and assigning all numbers for addressable structures;
   (E)   Maintaining appropriate addressing records;
   (F)   Designating individual unit addresses within the multiple housing units in conformity with this chapter;
   (G)   Approval of change of address schematic when needed to facilitate house number assignments along existing roads;
   (H)   Authorizing legal enforcement action as required by ordinance;
   (I)   Notification of citizens, governments, agencies and post offices, as required by law; and
   (J)   Authorize to correct such clerical or administrative errors that may occur in keeping with the overall plan and intent of this chapter and to approve alternate methods of displaying and/or assigning road addresses which meet the intent of this chapter when strict adherence to these standards cannot be reasonably met.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2004)