(A)   The Historic Court House, located in Dobson, North Carolina, serves as point of axis for the county’s jurisdiction. Roads beginning within a municipality, and ending within the jurisdiction of the county, shall resume numbering where the municipality’s numbers (if any) end. The address range shall increase to the nearest 100th number (200, 300, 400, etc.) and shall be numbered uniformly and consecutively along the roadway centerline to the end of said road, or to the ending of said road that connects to another road.
   (B)   Addressing shall start at the road, street, lane, etc., that is near the axis with odd numbers on the left side of the road, and even numbers on the right, ascending to the next intersection or end of road block range. There shall be a pair of numbers every 21.12 feet throughout the county, leaving room for future growth.
   (C)   Where county boundaries adjoin on the same road, one set of numbers “running consecutively” shall be used. Addressing shall be coordinated between the counties to establish the addressing method used.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2004)