(A)   All roads, both public and private, shall be named, have road name signs installed, and all appropriate structures shall be numbered, if two or more addressable structures, including mobile homes, are located on and accessed by the road.
   (B)   Two structures sharing a driveway that are both clearly visible from the existing roadway are an exception and will not require a named road at the discretion of the Tax Department Addressing Committee. The second structure will be given the nearest consecutive number for that side of the road (for example 102 and 104 for even or 103 and 105 for odd).
   (C)   A road will not be named that already has one inhabited structure due to the addition of a structure, that will not be regularly inhabited or occupied which requires an address, (examples of such structures includes chicken houses, cell towers, farm buildings, outbuildings or any other similar structures).
   (D)   Any road, not designated by plat, shall be deleted and the road sign shall be removed if the Tax Department Addressing Committee determines there are no remaining addressable structures accessed by the road. Public roads meeting this criteria will only be deleted if they are no longer publicly maintained.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2004)