Sec. 5-8. Extraterritorial jurisdiction boundaries.
   (a)   The town hereby establishes boundaries for the extraterritorial enforcement of the following ordinances:
      (1)   Zoning Ordinance;
      (2)   Subdivision Regulations;
      (3)   North Carolina Building Code;
      (4)   Ordinances creating:
         a.   The municipal planning board;
         b.   The municipal inspection department.
   (b)   Said boundaries are delineated on the face of a map, entitled "Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the Town of Surf City," which is attached hereto and is hereby adopted by reference. Lands within the defined extraterritorial limits are included because:
      (1)   That area is undergoing rapid residential and commercial development that is uncontrolled by municipal or county ordinance.
      (2)   Overdevelopment may increase the problems resulting in the pollution of surrounding estuarine areas.
      (3)   The completion of sewer lines from Surf City to the treatment plant inland will further spur development.
   (c)   The official copy of Ordinance No. 1992-9 and map shall be on record in the office of the town clerk for public inspection during normal business hours. The town clerk shall cause a certified copy of Ordinance No. 1992-9 and map and any subsequent amendments to be recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of the County of Pender. The town clerk shall cause signs, signposts, or similar readily-identifiable markers to be installed at all points of intersection of the above-described boundary with all roads, streets, and highways.
(Ord. No. 1992-9, §§ 1—3, 6-5-92)
Editor's note—Sections 1—3 of Ord. No. 1992-9, adopted June 5, 1992, have been included herein at the discretion of the editor as § 5-8