Sec. 5-5. Fire limits.
   The following limits, areas and boundaries within the town are hereby established and defined to be the areas, limits, boundaries and territory constituting the fire limits of and within the town, which are described as follows:
   Beginning at a point in the southeastern edge of Lot 31 Block 18 and South Shore Drive; running thence in a northerly direction parallel with South Shore Drive to North Shore Drive; thence, along and with North Shore Drive to the northeastern edge of Lot 4, Block 22; thence, along and with the property lines in a westwardly direction to the northwestern edge of Lot 2, Block 22 at the eastern edge of North Topsail Drive; thence, southwestwardly along and with North Topsail Drive to South Topsail Drive; thence, along and with South Topsail Drive to the southwestern edge of Lot 12 Block 18; thence, along and with the property lines in a eastwardly direction to the point of beginning.
(Code 1977, § 7-6; Ord. No. 1993-31, § 1, 10-5-93; Ord. No. 1994-1, § 1, 1-5-94; Ord. No. 2004-44, 11-3-04)
Cross reference— Fire prevention and protection, Ch. 7.