Sec. 4-34. When and where vehicles permitted.
   The following linaitations shall apply to the use of vehicles on the beach by those persons who have obtained vehicle permits for same.
      (1)   No vehicles shall be allowed on the beach strand within the corporate limits from March 15th in any one year through October 1st of the same year, except that vehicles transporting persons with disabilities shall be allowed to drive to the beach year around in an area from the designated crossing area to a point one thousand (1,000) feet south.
      (2)   No vehicles shall be allowed on the beach except in the beach area between the 1300 block of South Shore on the south and Dolphin Street on the north. Vehicle use may also be barred in additional areas if the town manager finds that beach erosion and/or high tides have rendered an area of the beach unsafe for vehicle use.
      (3)   Night driving shall be allowed for fishing purposes only during the dates of October 1st through March 15th of each year and in the same area described in section 4-34(2), except that commercial fishing activities specifically allowed by law shall be permitted.
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