Sec. 11-116. Sale of junked boats or watercraft.
   (a)   After holding an unclaimed junked boat or watercraft for fifteen (15) days, the town may destroy it or sell it at private sale as junk.
   (b)   Within fifteen (15) days after final disposition of a junked boat or watercraft, the town shall notify the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission or the appropriate agency that the boat or watercraft has been determined to be a junked boat or watercraft and disposed of as such. Such notice shall contain as full and accurate a description of the boat or watercraft as can be reasonably determined.
   (c)   Any proceeds from the sale of a junked boat or watercraft, after all costs of removal, storage, investigation and sale have been deducted therefrom, shall be held by the town for thirty (30) days and paid to the registered owner upon demand. If the owner does not appear to claim the proceeds within thirty (30) days after disposal of the boat or watercraft, the funds shall be deposited in the town's general fund and the owner's rights therein shall be forever extinguished.
(Ord. No. 1995-7, 6-6-95)