(A)   It is an exception to the application of § 38.03 that the person smoking tobacco or in possession of the burning tobacco product is present at an event described in division (A). A private social or business event must be confined to an entire room or enclosed area for a special meeting or function and the event and the premises used must be subject to the control of the sponsor of the function.  Premises used for such a private social or business event include, but are not limited to, areas of public places, such as hotels, which are normally rented out to private groups, and to areas of bowling centers used by bowling leagues during league play, but shall not apply to any city facility.
   (B)   It is an exception to the enforcement of § 38.04 (A)(2) and (3) against a sponsor of a private social event described in division (A) if the smoking occurs in the enclosed space occupied for the private social event and signs providing notice that smoking is permitted at such private social event are displayed.
   (C)   No exceptions from the prohibition of smoking apply to events described in division (A) shall apply to any city facility.
   (D)   Signs must be posted by the sponsor of an excepted private social of business event described in division (A), stating that smoking will be allowed at the event, before smoking at such event may be permitted.
(Ord. 910108A, passed 1-22-1991; Ord. 980407, passed 4-7-1998; Ord. 140617-B, passed 6-17-2014)