(A)   Committee members shall be appointed by the City Council.
   (B)   Committee members will be appointed at the first regular meeting following the city elections or as soon thereafter as possible. Additional appointments may be made from time to time as determined by the Council to fill a vacancy or to add additional member(s) or alternate(s).
   (C)   Committee member appointments will be for a term of one year or until appointments are made following the city elections.
   (D)   In the event of the resignation of a regular member, the City Council shall give consideration to appointing sitting alternate members as regular members, prior to appointment of new regular members.
   (E)   No individual may serve concurrently as a regular member on more than two Standing or Special Committees.
   (F)   No individual may serve concurrently as a regular or alternate member of a Standing Committee while also serving on the City Council, Zoning Commission, or Board of Adjustment.
   (G)   There are four categories of committee appointments:
      (1)   Regular members shall be residents of the city and will have full voting privileges and count toward a meeting quorum.
      (2)   Alternate members shall be residents of the city and will not have voting privileges or count toward a meeting quorum except as provided in § 31.19(B).
      (3)   Honorary members are not required to be city residents and do not have voting privileges or count toward a quorum.
      (4)    City Council Liaison is the City Council member assigned to a committee as a non-voting member. The City Council Liaison provides communication between the City Council and the committee. The City Council Liaison cannot be an officer of the committee. The City Council Liaison shall have the following roles:
         (a)   Serves as the primary two-way communications channel between Council and standing committees, and the Arts Commission.
         (b)   Advises the City Council of any activities conducted by the committee or commission through quarterly reports at Council meetings or work sessions.
         (c)   Helps resolve questions the committee or commission may have about the role of Council or municipal government.
         (d)   Advises the committee or commission on most recent Council action or activities related to the committee or commission.
         (e)   Establishes formal or informal contact with the chairperson of the committee or commission and effectively communicates the role of the City Council Liaison.
         (f)   Provides procedural direction and relays Council's position to the committee or commission.
         (g)   Assists the committee or commission in staying on track and focused on council outcomes/goals assigned to them.
         (h)   Encouraged to attend all meetings of the assigned committee or commission.
      (5)   The Liaison shall provide a quarterly written report to the Council.
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