(A)   If the chairperson and vice-chairperson of the committee are not in attendance at a committee meeting, the committee may select a temporary chairperson for that particular meeting as long as a quorum of the regular members is in attendance.
   (B)   A quorum shall be a majority of the number of regular members of a committee. In the event that one or more regular members are absent, the Committee Chair may designate alternate members to serve in the place of regular members for a particular meeting. Alternate members will count toward the quorum and will have voting privileges of a regular member when designated to serve in the place of a regular member.
   (C)   The committees must conduct their meetings in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act; post notice in the same manner as their parent bodies; and keep a set of minutes. The minutes shall be filed with the City Secretary within 24 hours of being approved.
   (D)   Members will hold a meeting as soon as possible after appointment by the Council, to review committee actions of the previous year and plan for the current year.
   (E)   At the first meeting after appointment by the Council, the committee may approve a regular committee meeting schedule.
   (F)   Upon request by any member, the Chairperson shall call a meeting within 30 days or other time period that is reasonable under the circumstances.
   (G)   Members do not possess legislative powers and are vested only with the authority to fulfill the purposes of the Committee as set forth in § 31.16.
   (H)   Committees shall establish a regular monthly meeting date and time. If there is not any pending business, the regular monthly meeting may be cancelled, but each committee shall meet a minimum of once every three months.
   (I)   The agenda for each committee meeting shall contain an agenda item for public comments.
   (J)   The agenda for committee meetings shall be drafted by the city staff member assigned to the Committee for the review and approval of the Chairperson.
   (K)   Any regular committee member, or the City Council Liaison, may request items be placed on the committee's meeting agenda. The Chairperson will coordinate the scheduling of requested agenda items. If there is disagreement about placing items on the agenda, an item shall be placed on the earliest available committee agenda to allow committee members to discuss whether the requested item merits consideration by the Committee.
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