(A)   A permit holder shall:
      (1)   Maintain the premises containing an alarm system in a manner that ensures proper operation of the alarm system;
      (2)   Maintain an alarm system in a manner that will minimize false alarm notifications;
      (3)   Respond or cause a representative to respond within 30 minutes when notified by the Police Department to repair or inactivate a malfunctioning alarm system, to provide access to the premises, or to provide security for the premises; and
      (4)   Not manually activate an alarm system for any reason other than the occurrence of an event for what the alarm system was intended.
   (B)   A permit holder of a local alarm shall adjust the mechanism or cause the mechanism to be adjusted so that an alarm signal will sound for no longer than 15 minutes after being activated.
(Ord. 960220, passed 2-20-1996; Ord. 150303-B, passed 3-3-2015)  Penalty, see § 95.99