A.   Upon payment of the license fee and completion of the requirements outlined in section 5-1-5 of this chapter, the division of animal control shall issue to the owner a certificate and a tag for each dog licensed. The tag shall indicate the license number corresponding with the tag number on the certificate. The owner shall attach the tag to the collar or harness of the dog and see that the collar and the tag are constantly worn. Failure to attach the tag as provided shall be a violation of this chapter. Dogs that are kept for show purposes are exempt from wearing the collar and tag, during dog shows.
   B.   Dog tags are not transferable from one dog to another. No refunds shall be given on any dog license fee for any reason whatsoever. Replacements for lost or destroyed tags shall be issued by the division of animal control upon payment of the replacement fee in accordance with the animal control fee schedule.
   C.   Any person removing or causing to be removed, the collar, harness, or tag from any licensed dog without the consent of the owner, except a veterinarian, animal shelter, or animal control officer who removes such for medical and other reasons, shall be in violation of this chapter. (Ord. 832, 11-12-2014)