Driving Under the Influence; Reckless Driving
333.01   Driving under the influence.
333.011   Participation in Motor Vehicle Alcohol Test and Lock Program.
333.02   Reckless driving.           
333.03   Hazardous driving.
333.04   Implied consent to test; administration at direction of law enforcement officer.
333.05   Preliminary analysis of breath to determine alcoholic content of blood.
333.06   How blood test administered; additional test; use of results; immunity from liability.
333.07   Refusal to submit to tests; revocation of license or privilege; consent not  withdrawn; hearing.
333.08   Interpretation and use of chemical test.
333.09   Right to demand test.
333.10   Fee for withdrawing blood sample and making urine test; payment of fees.
333.11   Implied consent to administrative procedure.
333.12   Reporting.
333.13   Taking a child into custody; driving a motor vehicle with any amount of blood alcohol.
333.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Authority to prohibit driving under the influence - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(21)
Compliance with State law - see W. Va. Code 17C-5-11a
Implied consent - see W. Va. Code 17C-5A