§ 154.002  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLICANT. The person or entity filing an application under this chapter.
   COMMERCIAL WIND GENERATOR FACILITY (WIND FARM). An electric generating facility, placed on 73 acres or more, whose main purpose is to supply electricity, consisting of one or more wind turbines and other accessory structures and buildings, including substations, meteorological towers, electrical infrastructure, transmission lines, and other appurtenant structures and facilities.
   FACILITY OWNER. The entity or entities having an equity interest in the wind generator facility, including their respective successors and assigns.
   HUB HEIGHT. The distance measured from the surface of the tower foundation to the height of the wind turbine hub, to which the blade is attached.
   NON-PARTICIPATING LANDOWNER. Any landowner except those on whose property all or a portion of a wind generator facility is located pursuant to an agreement with the facility owner or operator.
   OPERATOR. The entity responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the wind generator facility.
   OCCUPIED BUILDING. A residence, school, hospital, church, public library, or other building used for public gathering that is occupied or in use when the permit application is submitted.
   RURAL WIND TURBINES. Small- to medium-size wind energy systems installed for on-site use on agricultural property for supplying electricity or other uses, not to exceed 60 feet in height.
   SMALL WIND TURBINE SYSTEM. A wind energy conversion system consisting of a wind turbine, a tower, and associated control or conversion electronics, which has a rated capacity of not more than 10kW and which is intended to primarily reduce on-site consumption of utility power.
   TURBINE HEIGHT. The distance measured from the surface of the tower foundation to the highest point of the turbine rotor plane.
   TOWER HEIGHT. The height above grade of the fixed portion of the tower, excluding the wind turbine itself.
   WIND TURBINE. A wind generator conversion system that converts wind generator into electricity through the use of a wind turbine generator, and includes the nacelle, rotor, tower, and pad transformer, if any.
(Ord. 19, passed - -2008)