The following information is required on a preliminary plat.
   (A)   Plat title.
         (1)   The plat title shall be centered at the top of the page and consist of two parts: the primary title, which shall be the proposed name of the subdivision and shall be shown on the first line of the title; and the secondary title, which is located below the primary title and describes the subdivision, the description of the land being subdivided, and the location of the subdivision (including the section, township, range, and Black Hills Meridian).
         (2)   The following are two examples of plat titles.
A plat of Lots 1-20 of Example 1 Subdivision, formerly Tract B of Out There Subdivision, located in the NE 1/4 SE 1/4 of Section 22, T2N, R9E, B.H.M., Meade County, SD.
A plat of Lots 1-6 of Example 2 Subdivision of the City of Summerset, formerly Outlot F of the Old Addition to the City of Summerset, located in the NW 1/4 of Section 19, T2N, R9E, B.H.M., City of Summerset, Meade County, SD.
   (B)   Scaled map. A scaled map of the proposed subdivision showing the location, dimension, and area of the subdivision, lot, street, and dedication boundaries. Subdivisions, lots, and streets of adjoining subdivisions shall be shown on the map. Phase lines shall be shown if the subdivision is to be developed in phases.
   (C)   Map information. A north arrow, scale, creation date, preparer name and address, and legend.
   (D)   Easements. The location, width, and purpose of all easements and reserve strips.
   (E)   Public land dedication. The location and dimension of lands to be dedicated or reserved for streets, parks, open space, or other public use.
   (F)   Lot and block identification. The lot and (if needed) block number that clearly identifies each parcel of land.
   (G)   Floodplain note. A floodplain note addressing if any FEMA-defined flood hazard area is present within the subdivision.
   (H)   Major drainage easement note. A note (if there are any major drainage easements shown on the plat) stating: “Major drainage easements shall be kept free of all obstructions, including fences, and that the major drainage easement. Any person violating any provision of this chapter for which no specific penalty is provided shall be subject to § 10.99 of this code of ordinances and maintenance in order to facilitate drainage through these easements.”
   (I)   Utility and minor drainage easement note. A note stating: “An eight-foot utility and minor drainage easement is hereby granted on the interior of all lot lines. Removal or modification of any obstruction or impediment to such an easement shall be the financial responsibility of the landowner.”
   (J)   Certifications. All certifications and signature lines that are required on the final plat. (See § 151.053(D).)
(Ord. #115, passed 2-16-2017)
Statutory reference:
Related provisions, see SDCL § 11-3-7