(A)   Authority. This municipality shall have the authority to establish, improve, maintain, and otherwise regulate public parks pursuant to SDCL §§ 9-38-1 et seq.
(Prior Code, § 95.01)
   (B)   Control of park. Except as provided for by first- or second-class municipalities under a commission form of government the public parks of every municipality, whether within or without the limits of the municipality, shall be under the control and supervision of the governing body thereof unless a Park Board shall have been created as provided in this pursuant to SDCL Ch. 9-38.
(Prior Code, § 95.02)
   (C)   Athletic facilities; fees; Park Fund.
      (1)   A municipality may establish, maintain, and operate golf courses, tennis courts, ball grounds, and other athletic amusements, and necessary facilities in connection therewith, as a part of its park system, and charge fees for the use thereof.
      (2)   All fees received under this section and any other money received for use of the Board including tax revenues which may be appropriated for park purposes shall be kept in a special Park Fund and shall be paid upon requisition by the President and Secretary of the Board and warrant drawn and executed as other warrants.
(Prior Code, § 95.03)