General Provisions
   71.001   Scope and purpose
   71.002   Definitions
   71.003   Speed regulations
   71.004   Duties and obligations in event of an accident
   71.005   Bicycles
Operation of Vehicles
   71.020   License requirement
   71.021   Under the influence
   71.022   Stop requirements for railroad grade crossing
   71.023   Drive on right side of highway
   71.024   Meeting of vehicles
   71.025   Overtaking a vehicle
   71.026   Limitation of privilege of overtaking and passing
   71.027   Driver to give way to overtaking vehicles
   71.028   Following too closely
   71.029   Turning at intersections
   71.030   Right-of-way
   71.031   Exceptions
   71.032   Requirements on approach of authorized vehicle
   71.033   Driving through safety zone prohibited
   71.034   Coasting prohibited
   71.035   Driving on sidewalk, bike path, intersections prohibited
   71.036   Reckless driving
   71.037   Careless driving
   71.038   U-turns at intersections
   71.039   U-turns prohibited
   71.040   Truck routes
   71.041   Slow driving
   71.042   Stealing rides and trailing sleds
   71.043   Exhibition driving
   71.044   Commercial vehicles
Condition of Vehicles
   71.055   Restrictions on tire equipment
   71.056   Brakes
   71.057   Horns and warning devices
   71.058   Mirrors required
   71.059   Windshields shall be unobstructed
   71.060   Prevention of noise, smoke, and regulations of muffler cut-outs
   71.061   Required lighting equipment of vehicles
   71.062   Obstruction of operator’s view of driving mechanism
Parking and Storage on Public Property
   71.075   Vehicles shall stop at certain through highways or streets
   71.076   Vehicles shall yield at certain through highways or streets
   71.077   Parking or stopping on streets or highways
   71.078   Diagonal parking requirements
   71.079   Parallel parking requirements
   71.080   Stopping in alleys and private driveways
   71.081   Parking and stopping prohibited
   71.082   Parking; snow removal
   71.083   Accumulation of personal property or junk on public property prohibited
   71.084   Fires on public property prohibited
   71.085   Storage on public property prohibited
   71.086   Police Department granted certain authority
   71.087   Removal of prohibited cars and other personal property
   71.088   Review by Board of Commissioners
   71.089   Failure to pay enforced by court appearance
   71.090   Handicapped parking spaces provided
Signs, Signals, and Traffic Control Devices
   71.105   Signals
   71.106   Flag or light at end of load
   71.107   Unauthorized signs prohibited
   71.108   Interference with signs and signals prohibited
   71.109   Traffic control signal legend
   71.110   Enforcement
   71.125   Pedestrians’ right-of-way
   71.126   Crossing street
   71.127   Pedestrians’ rights and duties at controlled intersections
   71.128   Pedestrians shall obey traffic signals
   71.129   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   71.130   Crossing at right angles
   71.131   Skating on sidewalks
   71.999   Penalty