8.3: Contract Clauses
All contracts for supplies, services, and construction shall include provisions necessary to define the responsibilities and rights of the parties to the contract. At the direction of the Town Council, the Town Administrator, or authorized designee, may issue clauses appropriate for supply, service, or construction contracts addressing at least the following subjects:
   •   The unilateral right of the Town to order written changes in the work within the scope of the contract;
   •   The unilateral right of the Town to order, in writing, temporary stoppage of the work or delaying performance that does not alter the scope of the contract;
   •   Variations occurring between estimated quantities of work in a contract and actual quantities;
   •   Defective pricing;
   •   Liquidated damages;
   •   Specified excuses for delay or nonperformance;
   •   Termination of the contract for default;
   •   Termination of the contract, in whole or in part, for the convenience of the Town;
   •   Suspension of work on a construction project ordered by the Town;
   •   Site conditions differing from those indicated in the contract, or ordinarily encountered except that differing site condition clauses need not be included in a contract;
   •   When the contract is negotiated;
      •   When the contract provides the site or design; or
      •   When the parties have otherwise agreed with respect to the risk of differing site conditions.
   •   Hazardous materials;
   •   Drug-free work place;
   •   Affirmative action.
The Town may establish standard contract clauses for use in Town contracts.