5.2: Design-Build Method of Construction
The design-build method is where the Town will enter into a single contract for design and construction of the construction project. Contracts for design-build shall be procured by competitive sealed proposals. Each Request for Proposal (RFP) for design-build shall include: evaluation factors, design specifications, and a solicitation for proposal development documents. When the Town Administrator determines that the cost of preparing proposals is high in view of the size, estimated price, and complexity of the procurement, the Town may:
   1.   prequalify vendors by issuing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in advance of the RFP, or
   2.   select a short list of responsible vendors prior to discussions and evaluations, provided the number of proposals will be short-listed is stated in the RFP and prompt public notice is given to all vendors as to which proposals have been short-listed, or
   3.   pay stipends to unsuccessful vendors, provided that the amount of such stipends and terms under which stipends will be paid are stated in the RFP.
Each RFP for design-build shall state the relative importance of the following evaluation factors:
   •   demonstrated compliance with the design requirements,
   •   vendor qualifications,
   •   financial capacity,
   •   project schedule,
   •   price,
   •   and other factors, if any, as disclosed in the RFP.