4.4: Corrections or Withdrawals
Corrections or withdrawals or inadvertently erroneous bids prior to bid opening, withdrawal of inadvertently erroneous bids after award, or cancellation of awards or contracts based on such bid mistakes may be permitted in accordance with this Guide and the solicitation.
Any offeror may, by requesting in writing, withdraw the bid or proposal for any reason prior to the scheduled opening.
Properly worded and directed changes or corrections, which do not disclose the total bid amount, may be made by any bidder if submitted to the Town in writing prior to the bid opening. Changes that indicate or openly divulge the total amount of the bid shall not be accepted. These changes or corrections may be delivered as disclosed in the solicitation.
   •   To increase or decrease a previously submitted lump sum bid amount, the bidder shall instruct the Town the amount that the bid is to be increased or decreased by.
   •   In a case of a bid which contains multi-items, the bidder shall instruct the Town the item and the amount that is desired to be increased or decreased.
After the opening, no changes in offeror prices or other provisions of the bid/proposal prejudicial to the interest of the Town or fair competition shall be permitted.