2.3C: Purchasing Cooperatives
The State of South Carolina and its agencies, Charleston County and other South Carolina counties, South Carolina municipalities or purchasing cooperatives write numerous indefinite-delivery-type contracts yearly with manufacturers, service providers and contractors for regional and/or nationwide items or services. In all cases, town procurement of equipment, goods or services may be made from suppliers which have contracts in place through the State of South Carolina or one of its agencies, or Charleston County or other South Carolina county, or South Carolina municipality, or the U.S. General Services Administration, or purchasing cooperative, without seeking competitive bids or proposals.
For purchases over $10,000, departments must coordinate with the Comptroller, or designee, to ensure proper procurement.
The Town may sell to, under the guidance of the Town Administrator, may acquire from, or use any supplies belonging to another public procurement unit as agreed upon between the parties. The Town, under the guidance of the Town Administrator, may enter into agreements for the common use or lease of warehousing facilities, capital equipment, and other facilities with another public procurement unit under the terms agreed upon between the parties.