2.3A: Sole Source
Sole Source procurement is acceptable when, after a good faith review of all possible sources, it is determined there is only one viable source for material, supply, or service. To be a sole source:
   •   a vendor shall have the ability to deliver a unique material or service,
   •   have technical expertise or qualifications,
   •   have software license,
   •   the ability to deliver at a particular time, or
   •   have the ability to fulfill the needs for a special purpose or situation from a qualified provider.
Sole source requests should not be made unless the department is confident the request is reasonable, appropriately justified to meet the Town’s requirements, and can withstand a possible audit. Sole source minimizes or eliminates competition and should be prudently used.
The department manager, or designee, may use “delegated authority” practices for purchases $5,000 and under. From $5,000 to $25,000 the department manager, the Town Administrator, or the Comptroller, or designees, must approve the written sole source justification before the purchase may be made. For purchases between $25,001 to $49,999, the department must coordinate with the Comptroller, or designees, before obtaining approval by the Town Administrator, or designee.