1.3: Procurement Objectives and Standards
All procurements will be conducted with the following values:
   •   Avoid unfair practices and give all qualified vendors an equal opportunity to do businesses with the Town.
   •   Refuse to accept any form of bribery and prevent any appearance of doing so.
   •   Receive counsel from colleagues and cooperate with them to promote a spirit of teamwork and unity.
   •   Behave with fairness and dignity, and demand honesty and truth throughout the procurement process.
   •   Strive for greater knowledge of procurement methods and the materials and services purchased.
   •   Purchase without prejudice, stimulate competition on all procurements, and seek to obtain the maximum value for each dollar spent of taxpayer monies.
   •   Maintain competitive bidding procedures as the primary, preferred, method of procurement.
   •   Develop material standards that afford a wide area of competitive bidding consistent with the required levels of quality.
   •   Maintain open, public records of firms solicited, and all prices quoted and paid for items obtained for Town use.
   •   Furnish clear indications of quality and service required in all bid solicitations.