§ 37.02 AUTHORITY.
   (A)   This chapter is adopted pursuant to and in compliance with South Carolina law and with the authority of the Town Council of Sullivan’s Island. Town Council shall develop the policies dictating the procurement of goods and services. Town Council has the right to assume full and final authority in any procurement matter.
   (B)   As used in this chapter, PROCUREMENT is defined as the process and procedure for obtaining goods and services, including all activities from the planning steps including the preparation and processing of a requisition, through receipt and acceptance of delivery and processing of a final invoice for payment.
   (C)   The Council of the town delegates to the Town Administrator, or designee, the duties and responsibilities for administering the procurement of all supplies, services, and construction, as well as the management and disposal of surplus supplies and equipment in accordance with this chapter.
   (D)   The Town Comptroller or authorized designee, shall provide for implementation and compliance with all requirements of this chapter in order to maximize the purchasing value of public funds, providing safeguards for maintaining quality and integrity within the procurement system, yet providing for the fair and equitable treatment of all involved in public procurement. The Town Comptroller shall organize and execute all procurement activities for the town as set forth in this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 22-2) (Ord. 2020-22, passed 1-19-2021)