A.   Public Property Protected:
      1.   It shall be unlawful for any person, organization, business entity or vehicle to dump, spread, deposit or cause to be deposited, any refuse or construction material on any public property or street.
      2.   Such a violation shall be deemed to occur when a person, organization, business entity or vehicle either knowingly acts, or acts in such a manner as to be reasonably sure that the result will be a violation, in a manner which will cause a violation of this subsection.
   B.   Containment Within Vehicle: The improper loading, driving, covering or handling of any vehicle, whether for private purposes or commercial purposes, which causes a violation of subsection A above due to spillage, overflow or excessive deposits on the tires of any vehicles of any construction material or refuse onto the public streets or property, shall constitute a violation of this Chapter and be subject to penalty.
   C.   Enforcement: Any wilful or repeated violation of this Chapter which requires Village services to be used, shall subject the offender to a penalty as well as the reasonable costs incurred by the Village to correct, repair, clean up or remove the violation.
   D.   Placement Of Materials For Removal: The placing of garbage cans, bags or other material for collection by a disposal service (whether private or public) and the collection of leaves, grass or other material for burning on public property or streets shall not be considered a violation of this Chapter. (Ord. 328, 7-25-1983)