(a)    No person or family shall be permitted to move an automobile trailer, trailer coach or mobile structure of any character upon any lot, tract or parcel of land in the City for the purpose of inhabiting the same either temporarily or permanently with the idea of establishing a residence therein.
   (b)    Upon an emergency arising for residents who have been forced from their homes due to circumstances such as fire, flood, or high winds, a Review Board consisting of the Fire Chief, Safety-Service Director and Health Officer shall be authorized to issue emergency housing permits at no charge allowing for temporary housing on the property
while reconstruction is taking place. The initial period of six months should be sufficient, if more time is needed, one month renewals for an additional period of not to exceed six additional months to be granted at the discretion of the Review Board.
   (c)    Upon complaint being received the Safety-Service Director shall issue a notice to the person violating this section, and if the person fails to comply with a removal notice or emergency use permit, a warrant shall be issued for the arrest of the violator.
   (d)    Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 83-7937. Passed 11-2-83.)