(a)    No owner, person or occupant shall deposit or permit to be deposited any garbage or refuse matter which may become offensive, noxious or dangerous to the public health, on his own premises or on any premises under his control, or deposit such garbage or refuse matter in any back lot, public ground, vacant lot, park, alley, street or areaway or in any other place within the City, except as otherwise provided by law.
   (b)    No owner, person or occupant shall throw, cast, deposit or place, or cause to be thrown, cast, deposited or placed, in or upon any of the streets or sidewalks or other public places of the City, any manure, slops, offal, ashes, cinders, cans, vessels, bottles, sweepings, dead animals, putrid substances or any similar waste or refuse or offensive matter.
   (c)    No owner, person, occupant, firm or partnership shall scatter, change, carry away, remove or otherwise disturb any debris, refuse or rubbish properly placed by a property owner at the area adjacent to the curb for the purpose of having the same picked up and disposed of by the contractor operating and engaged in the business of rubbish disposal and collection throughout the City.
   (d)    No owner, person or occupant shall remove or tamper with any storm or sanitary sewer lid for the purpose of throwing, unloading or depositing any garbage, waste or any foreign substance into the storm or sanitary sewer.
   (e)    Whoever violates subsections (a), (b), (c) or (d) hereof is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(Ord. 89-8634. Passed 3-1-89.)