521.07  FENCES.
   (a)    Definition.  As used in this section, "fence" means a free standing structure of metal, masonry, composition or wood, or any combination thereof, resting on or partially buried in the ground and rising above ground level and used for confinement, screening or partitioning purposes. In determining the height of any fence the measurement shall commence at the surface of the ground.
   (b)    Electric; Barbed Wire.  No fence charged with electricity except burglar alarms shall be permitted at any time. Barbed wire shall not be used except at the top of fences at least six feet high enclosing business or manufacturing premises, and when so used it shall be at least seven feet above the ground and the supporting arms shall extend inward toward the property enclosed.
   (c)    Location.  No fence, boardwall, screen, hedge or structure in the nature of a fence shall be erected or maintained in such a position or place so as to be dangerous or detrimental to the health of persons or which may cause inconvenience or obstruction to persons living in any house or adjoining premises, or in any way obstruct the view of anyone so as to endanger public traffic and movement on the streets.
   (d)    Removal of Obstructing Fences.  Any fence, boardwall, screen, hedge or structure in the nature of a fence erected or maintained contrary to subsection (c) hereof shall be removed within three days upon written notice from the Building Inspector that the fence, boardwall, screen, hedge or structure violates the provisions and regulations of this section.
   (e)    Height; Placement.
      (1)    An enclosure fence for business or manufacturing purposes where materials, equipment or utensils are stored or for places of amusement shall not exceed nine feet in height.
      (2)    All other fences shall not exceed six feet in height above the grade unless consented to by the adjoining owner and if the fence extends from the front building line back to the rear lot line.
      (3)    No fence shall exceed four feet in height if extending from the front building line to a point one foot back of the front street line.
      (4)    All fences constructed shall be located one foot in from the side lot lines.
   (f)    Construction Permit; Fee.  Anyone desiring to construct a fence shall obtain a permit from the Safety-Service Director who shall charge the sum of five dollars ($5.00) for such permit. No permit shall be issued until a plan or specifications on the type of fence and the location thereof is filed in the office of the Director.
(Ord. 94-9274. Passed 2-15-94.)